XMUM Wins Gold Award in International Invention and Innovate Competition


A team from Department of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Xiamen University Malaysia won the Gold Award in the International Invention and Innovate Competition (INIIC Series 2/2021), with their project "Constructive House Building: A Hand Gesture Based Game for Improving Children's Fine Motor Skill using Leap Motion Controller".

This team is comprised of four faculty members - Dr. Ahmad Affandi Supli, Ms. Heng Yu Ping, Ms. Siti Nurliana Jamali, Ms. Norma Liyana Omar - and Ng Mei San, a third-year undergraduate from Digital Media Technology Programme.

According to the researchers, integrating constructive play with the Leap Motion Controller (LMC) would train children to interact with the virtual environment, thus to improve their fine motor skills - coordination, manipulation and movement ability. The project aims to create an immersive learning experience for children to develop their cognitive, physical, and social skills by enriching the learning process with new experiences and enjoyment.

Organized by MNNF Network, INIIC seeks innovative, cost-effective, and practical solutions to accessibility-related barriers in the community. This year, under the theme "Research & Design in Challenging Environment", it highlights innovation and invention which would create a livable environment despite all the challenges.

Dr. Ahmad Affandi Supli received the M.Sc. degree and the Ph.D. degree in Multimedia of Studies from the University Utara Malaysia. In 2019, he joined Xiamen University Malaysia as a lecturer.He currently leads a research group involved in human computer interaction field, namely Interactive 3D Object Construction Play Game Using Holographic Display Based on Finger Gestures.

Heng Yu Ping joined as a Lecturer in Information Communication and Technology at Xiamen University Malaysia in 2019. Her research interests lie in game studies and interactive media, ranging from theory to design to implementation.

Siti Nurliana Jamali is a lecturer at Department of ICT, Xiamen University Malaysia. Her research focuses on tangible interaction, haptic devices and AR technologies. She has several paper published in IEEE Xplore and Scopus Indexed Journals, as well as a book chapter in Springer's Recent Advances in Soft Computing and Data Mining.

Norma Liyana Omar is currently a lecturer at Department of ICT, Xiamen University Malaysia. Her main areas of research of interests are web development, mobile application system design, multimedia technology, information system management and business process.

Ng Mei San is a third-year undergraduate student from Digital Media Technology Programme, Xiamen University Malaysia. Currently, she is working at Coder53 for her internship with the position of game programmer.

(Contributed by Department of Information and Communications Technology; Written by Liu Zihan)

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