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The Hult Prize, also known as the “Nobel Prize for Students” is one of the world’s most prestigious accelerator program. The Hult Prize is an annual, year-long competition that crowd-sources ideas from undergraduate students after challenging them to solve a pressing social issue around topics. In collaboration between Hult International Business School and United Nations, student teams compete to solve a pressing social problem by developing a scalable, sustainable social enterprise. Finalists face a panel of distinguished judges, global business leaders, thought leaders and change makers to win USD$1,000,000 and launch their business.

This competition aims to breed the next generation of social entrepreneurs and launch start-up social enterprises that can radically change the world.

Xiamen University Malaysia is now in alliance with the Hult Prize to provide an opportunity for students in XMUM to make a change for a better world. Students who are passionate about entrepreneurship are encouraged to join this competition.

Challenge Theme & Events

The challenge theme for the Hult Prize 2021/22 will be “Getting the World Back to Work”. Participants will have to come up with an idea and ways of executing it to create up to two-thousands jobs by year 2024.

In the period of this event, there will be an info session to brief students about the competition. All participants are encouraged to attend for a better understanding regarding the Hult Prize. There will also be a XMUM Entrepreneur Special Feature event, three workshops and a joint workshop with Hult Prize Universiti Putra Malaysia provided to all participants for free before the preliminary round. Each team of the top 5 finalist will be provided with a personal mentor and demo pitching session. These workshops and private sessions will guide participants in refining their business ideas.

Requirements for Participation

  1. This competition only accepts team entries. All participants must enter in teams of 3 people (team leader included).

  1. Participants who wish to participate but have no team members will have to register as an individual. Our Team Coordinator will group individual participants into a group of three or assign to groups with short of members.

  1. All participants must be students who are currently enrolled at Xiamen University Malaysia. The application should be submitted only by the team leader of the participating team. Participants of different nationality are allowed to form a team.

Individual Registration

Teams Registration

  1. Participants must be a student in XMUM until 2022/02 intake.

  1. Participants must be a student in XMUM until 2022/02 intake.

  1. Students from other university ARE Not eligible to participate in Hult Prize XMUM 2021.

  1. Students from other university ARE Not eligible to participate in Hult Prize XMUM 2021.

  1. Individual participants register for themselves.

  1. Team Leaders will apply on behalf of their member.

  1. Our Team Coordinators will group individual participants into a group of three or assign to groups that short of member.

  1. Team registration must only consist of 3 members.

  1. Participants CAN’T withdraw from the competition after the team allocations.

  1. No limitations on nationality combinations.

  1. No commitment fees needed.

  1. No commitment fees needed.

  1. All participants will be awarded with gifts.

  1. All participants will be awarded with gifts.


  1. Participants must register by filling in the registration form provided below.

  1. Registration starts now (13 September 2021) and ends at 23:59 on 24 September 2021.

  1. There are two types of registration forms provided. Participants are required to only fill in ONE form. Microsoft Form is provided for students with no access to Google only.

  1. All entry materials should be in English.

Google Form Registration

Microsoft Form Registration

(For students who can’t access Google)

Google Form Link

Microsoft Form Link

Competition Rules

  1. The competition will be divided into two stages. For stage 1 (preliminary round), participants will be required to submit a video presentation up to 3-10 minutes long by October 22, 2021. It will be judged by three judges through online evaluation and Top 5 finalists will be chosen and announced on November 9, 2021.

  1. Stage 2 (Grand Finals) will be held on December 4, 2021. Top 5 teams which were qualified to the grand finals will be having a live pitching session judged by 5 judges.

  1. Three On-Campus winners will be selected and proceed to compete in the Regional Summits.

Example of Video Presentation Structure:

  • Introduce Team

  • Introduce Problems to Solve

  • Provide Solutions (Idea)

  • Business Model Involving the Idea Solution

  • Business Model Canvas

  • How the Business Plan can create 2000 jobs by year 2024


  1. Winners will receive cash prizes; Champion (RM1000 & Certificate), 1st Runner Up (RM600 & Certificate) and 2nd Runner Up (RM400 & Certificate).

  1. All participants will receive a participation e-certificate after the event is over.

  1. Win 3 free tickets to the Regional Summit to win 1-million-dollar USD.

Terms and Conditions

Hult Prize Competition Terms and Conditions for the 2022 Hult Prize. Please read these competition rules, terms, and conditions carefully. By entering the Hult Prize competition you acknowledge and agree to these rules, terms and conditions. To enter the competition, you must be a current student of a higher education institution at the time your application was submitted. 3 persons may compete on each team, and only these persons will be considered as part of your team. Team members are those that are listed on your application and those that have been amended by written confirmation. Only currently enrolled students, full or part-time at the time of application submission will be considered students. Content, representations, and ideas presented during the program may be published and shared with the United Nations and other strategic partners who can help advance your work on changing the world through business. A panel of judges who will watch and score participants will select the winner of the competition.

Hult Prize is committed to non-hostile, open, and welcoming community. Any inappropriate conduct that disrupts the learning environment of the Hult Prize will result in immediate disqualification of your team. Inappropriate conduct includes but is not limited to discrimination, harassment against others, illegal activity or behaviour that deliberately disrupts the environment or property of fellow teams.

A panel of judges who will watch and score participants will select the winner of the competition. All decisions made by this panel in both rounds will be considered final. The closing date is as specified in each competition, and Hult Prize reserves the right to amend the competition end date at any time. Any form of plagiarism or the presentation of intentionally unauthentic ideas and solutions will lead to forfeit. Winners from each competition will be announced at the conclusion of each regional summit final event. By entering the competition participants agree to participate in such promotional activity and material as Hult Prize and its partners may request. This includes but is not limited to the use of photographs, videos, and testimonials.

Contact Us

  1. Campus Director of Hult Prize XMUM

Name: Justin Yeow Kar Yen

Phone: 60-16 343 2517


  1. Vice Campus Director of Hult Prize XMUM

Name: Jimmy Chong Zhao Xuan

Phone: 60-16 445 1025


  1. Teams Coordinator of Hult Prize XMUM

Name: Ng Hui Qi

Phone: 60-16 225 5233


  1. Marketing Coordinator of Hult Prize XMUM

Name: Lo Wen Khang

Phone: 60-16 609 1396


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