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The year of 2021 marks the 5th Anniversary of the establishment of Xiamen University Malaysia as well as the Department of Chinese Studies. Throughout the past 5 years, the Department has been growing together with the University. On top of excellent teaching quality and learning outcome, the research and innovation achievements of the Department have also been remarkable.

Book Publications

We concluded the year of 2020 with the publication of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hue Guan Thye’s book, titled “The Buddha Lights of Lion City: The Hundred-year Development of Buddhism in Singapore” (狮城佛光新加坡佛教发展百年史》). The book offers a comprehensive account of the development of different branches of Buddhism in Singapore. It implies new approaches to the studies of Chinese Buddhism in Southeast Asia. Then, we greeted the year of 2021 with the publication of “The Sociolinguistic Studies on Malaysian Chinese” (马来西亚华人社会语言研究》) by Prof. Dr. Wang Xiaomei on Malaysian Chinese from the perspective of sociolinguistics. This book not only sheds new light on Malaysian Chinese studies, but also makes important contribution to sociolinguistic studies in the context of Malaysia. Other publications of the Department include “A Study of the Eastern Han Scholars’ Reading System” (东汉经师音读系统研究》) and “Collected Works in Malaysian Mandarin Studies” (马来西亚华语研究论集》), two books authored by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khoo Kiak Uei and published in 2018.  

Academic Articles

Apart from book publications, faculty of the department has published many journal articles . The total number of papers published since 2016 is 48, including 1 SSCI (Social Sciences Citation Index), 12 SCOPUS, 5 CSSCI (Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index), 21 peer-reviewed and 4 book chapters. These articles are mainly on linguistic studies.

Research Grants

Financial support and sponsorship are vital for research projects. The Department’s primary financial support is provided by the University via Xiamen University Malaysia Research Fund (XMUMRF). Up till now, 5 projects have received the sponsorship of XMUMRF. These research projects involve various areas of Chinese Studies, including linguistics, literature, and history, with Prof. Wang Xiaomei, Assoc, Prof. Khoo Kiak Uei, Assoc. Prof. Hue Guan Thye, Dr. Gui Wei, and Dr. Choo Yuen as the respective principal investigators.

In addition to internal research grant, external collaboration also plays an important role in the Department’s research projects. Prof. Wang Xiaomei has participated in the Global Chinese Grammar research project, which was sponsored by National Social Science Fund of China国家社会科学基金), from 2012 to 2018. She also involved in the development of the corpus of Chinese language overseas, a project funded by Beijing Advanced Innovation Centre for Language Resources, from 2017 to 2020. Currently, she is developing the database of Chinese language overseas with a few other researchers, a project under the sponsorship of National Social Science Fund of China. Assoc. Prof. Hue Guan Thye has been receiving funding from Singapore National Heritage Board since 2018 for his research projects “Qing Dynasty Tombs Singapore: A Digital Archival Project” and “Chinese Epigraphy of Singapore: 1912-2019”. Furthermore, in 2018 Assoc. Prof. Khoo Kiak Uei started a project named “Complete Works Compilation of Lim Lian Geok” sponsored by LLG Foundation.

Forum on Malaysian Mandarin

Being an  institution focusing on Chinese studies, the Department made a giant leap in 2019 by organizing the Forum on Malaysian Mandarin马来西亚华语研究论坛). A number of experts from Malaysia, China and Singapore were invited to present their papers, with selected papers published on Global Chinese全球华语), one of the leading and SCOPUS-indexed journals in the field. Papers by Prof. Wang Xiaomei, Assoc. Prof. Khoo Kiak Uei, and Dr. Choo Yuen were among those published. (News report:

 Group Photo at the Forum on Malaysian Mandarin

Student Achievements

The Department’s research and innovation achievements not only involve its faculty members, but also its students. In 2017, students from the Department won First Prize (Team Category) at the 2nd International Chinese Proficiency Competition第二届国际华语水平大赛)held in Singapore. 

(News report:


The Award Ceremony of the 2nd International Chinese Proficiency Competition in Singapore

In 2020, Zhao Shuhan, a second-year student of the Department, won the 3rd prize for reading at the FLTRP Cup English Public Speaking Contest (Xiamen University In-campus Selection Competition).

In summary, the Department of Chinese Studies has achieved outstanding results in research and innovation during its first 5 years. The department would continue to strive for greater success in the future.

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