Chinese Studies Student Publishes a Book on her XMUM Life


Zhang Lirou, a third-year Chinese Studies student from Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM), has recently published a book entitled I’m at XMUM: A Communication with Father. Written in the form of letters between Zhang Lirou and her father, this book records her three-year study and life at XMUM. The preface was written by Prof. Wang Xiaomei, Head of the Department of Chinese Studies.

The book has aroused interests from local media. In a recent interview with Sin Chew Daily, Zhang Lirou talked about the differences between Chinese and Malaysian tertiary education and recalled her life at XMUM. From her point of view, Malaysia is a promising place for language studies, while Malaysian Chinese literature is an indispensable part of Chinese literature. In this book, she introduces her study and research at XMUM Department of Chinese Studies, as well as some interesting cultural phenomena in Malaysia.

After three years at XMUM, Zhang Lirou chose to continue her post-graduate study in Malaysia. She has received an offer from University of Malaya to pursue a master's degree in art and social science there.

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