XMUM Teams Shine at OPPO TOP University Innovation & Technology Competition 5G Season


Innovation Center congratulates XMUM teams for winning one Third prize and three Finalist Prizes at the 5G Season of OPPO TOP University Innovation and Technology Competition.

A platform for 5G talents at colleges and universities to shine, the competition aims to promote the application of 5G technology in the fields of science, education and enterprise practice, and to encourages college students to put forward innovative and complete solutions in the 5G area. The total prizes of this competition amount to RMB 1 million (USD 140,000).

The teams representing XMUM are:

1. "Your Third Eye" (三目), won Third Prize in Human-Computer Interactive Category and a cash prize of RM 10,000.

Advisor: Dr. Ahmad Affandi Supli (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, XMUM)

Descriptions: Your Third Eye is a project to raise public awareness of eye care with 5G Virtual Reality technology. It uses technology to simulate major eye diseases, including myopia, Alice's Wonderland syndrome, etc. It allows users to interact with the world from the perspectives of eye-disease sufferers.

2. "UAV Garbage Recognition and Environmental Management in 5G Era" (5G时代无人机垃圾识别与环境管), listed as one of the final 100 teams under the category of Human-Computer Interactive.

Advisor: Prof. Zheng Jincheng (Director of XMUM Innovation Center)

Descriptions: This project utilizes drone technology to recognize and detect the category and size of garbage. Based on the cloud system, a real-time feedback will be generated when there is network connection, which will create a data perfusion with a more advanced intelligent management environment.

3. Heritage Treasure Assistant (文宝助手), listed as one of the final 100 teams under the category of Human-Computer Interactive.

Advisors: Prof. Zhang Defu (School of Informatics, Xiamen University China) and Prof. Wang Qiang (School of History and Culture, Shandong University, China).

Descriptions: Equipped with both hardware and software, Heritage Treasure Assistant can match the best cultural relics protection scheme for the newly unearthed cultural relics efficiently.

4. Infinity Lens, listed as one of the final 100 teams under the category of Human-Computer Interactive.

Descriptions: Infinity Lens is a Mixed Reality (MR) wearable eye-glasses designed to generate MR content within the scene of the user's viewpoint by merging real and virtual worlds to create an environment where physical and virtual objects can exist and interact in real-time. By leveraging on the 5G technology and cloud computing, Infinity Lens strives to provide a fully immersive and holistic MR experience to the users with a more portable, durable and scalable smart wearable device.

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