Chinese Studies Graduates Pursue Further Study with Top Universities


Recently, a number of graduates from XMUM Chinese Studies Programme (CHS) have been admitted into world leading universities.

Among them, Chew Lup Heng (intake 1609) and Lim Miao Xiang (intake 1704) will join Peking University’s Department of Chinese Language and Literature for postgraduate study, both admitted with the highest entry scores. Chang Ai Teng from intake 1704 has been awarded postgraduate scholarship by United Nations University (UNU) for her admirable extracurricular performance, while Lim Siew Wen from intake 1702 will enter the postgraduate programme offered by the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Tsinghua University.

At present, many CHS graduates are furthering their studies with top universities across the world, including those in China, United Kingdom, United States and Malaysia. Aiming at cultivating cross-cultural talents within the academic framework of Chinese literature, history and philosophy, XMUM Chinese Studies Programme has achieved fruitful results in the past four years. The MA Programme of Chinese Studies has entered into its second year, while the Doctoral Programme will be launched within a short time. It is hoped that Department of Chinese Studies will continue to nurture inter-disciplinary talents who will contribute to the people and the social progress of Malaysia, China and Southeast Asia.

Reported by Department of Chinese Studies

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