​Dr. Wong Lai-Wan Publishes on the Adoption of Blockchain among Malaysian SMEs


The Research Management Centre congratulates Dr. Wong Lai-Wan from School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Xiamen University Malaysia on her recent publication entitled “Time to seize the digital evolution: Adoption of blockchain in operations and supply chain management among Malaysian SMEs” in the International Journal of Information Management (Elsevier, US; Clarivate Analytics; Tier-1 in Social Science Citation Index (SSCI); JCR-2018, IF = 5.063; Australian Business Deans Council - A*). This paper was co-authored with UTAR University academicians Dr. Leong Lai-Ying, Hew Jun-Jie and Dr. Garry Tan Wei-Han, as well as UCSI University academician Prof. Ooi Keng Boon.

According to the research, at the point of writing, the blockchain research field mostly focused on the technical aspects of the technology and there were generally few works on information management and the adoption aspects despite widespread interest in how blockchain integrates with operations and supply chain management. Their work addresses the call to enrich current state of blockchain research with empirical evidence through the theoretical lens of Technology, Organization and Environment (TOE) framework in Malaysia where blockchain is still in its infancy. The TOE framework represents the three aspects of an enterprise’s context which influences the process of and innovative technology’s adoption and implementation. Typically, Small-Medium Enterprises (SME) often fall short on the resources for technology investments but that does not alleviate them from the same requirements for business efficiencies as with other supply chain players.

“It is interesting therefore to see whether blockchains in essence can turbo charge supply chain effectiveness. And if so, what some of the firms’ considerations are before taking the leap into this revolutionary technology. Practically, this work points out the salient points where SMEs could consider in exploring technological innovations,” adds Dr. Wong Lai-Wan.

As the exogenous constructs are non-compensable in the study, Artificial Neural Network (ANN) analyses were performed due to its higher predictive accuracy, which is combined with Structured Equation Modelling (SEM). Their work reported interesting findings on the significant role that competitive pressure, complexity, costs and relative advantage wield on advancement of blockchain adoption by SMEs. It is hoped that this work would pave the way for encouraging trialability of blockchain adoption in Malaysian SMEs.

The article can be downloaded at https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0268401219304347 .


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